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Please contact us by e-mail or by using the form below. We look forward to your message or your order!

Please choose the size
Would you like the kizzis with a music box?

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Ich stimme der Veröffentlichung der Zeichnung und des kizzis zu

Thank you for your order! Send us your drawing per e-mail or post.

From kids art to kizzis – how do I order?

  1. Send us a copy of the drawing by e-mail or post

  2. Tell us in which size you want the soft toy (30 cm or 50 cm). If you have any other wishes, please let us know. We will try to implement them as far as possible.

  3. Once we have received the artwork, we will contact you within a maximum of five working days. We will clarify with you the details required for the realization, inform you about the processing time and the costs.

  4. Price from CHF 220. The price depends on the complexity of the children's drawing, the related implementation work and the materials used.

  5. We will confirm your order electronically.

  6. By paying the agreed price into our bank account, you definitively place the order with us and accept our General Terms and Conditions (AGB). 

  7. With the receipt of payment we begin with the work.

I have a question / a problem. How can I reach you?

We at are available to you by e-mail at We will try to answer you as soon as possible. Please understand that in exceptional cases it may take 1-2 business days for you to receive a message from us.

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